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TGR Exotics Wildlife Park

TGR Exotics Wildlife Park is a thrilling zoo adventure, where you can drive through and see exotic wildlife. There are over 300 animals to enjoy!

TGR Exotics Wildlife Park: A Zoo Adventure

Some of the species that TGR Exotic Wildlife Park (Zoo in Texas) has include tigers, lions, camels, bears, zebras, giraffes, and more! We have been to many zoos in Texas and this one is worth checking out if you want to see some unique animals. For more info, keep reading this blog post.

Why do people want to visit TGR Exotics Wildlife Park?
One of the big reasons is, Driving through TGR Exotics Wildlife Park in Texas is a place where people can see various wild animals so close. Another thing is, people can take walks and feel the wildness of nature with their family members or friends while visiting this park.

However, this exotic wildlife park has a large area for many different types of animals such as African lions, Siberian tigers, and many different types of bears.

What are the main features of this park?

There is a good range of features about this park, those are given below:

Driving through a wildlife park with over 300 species of exotic animals.

Educational presentations, animal demonstrations, photo opportunities, and feeding tours are available daily.
A large variety of kangaroos, zebras, camels, and more.
All the animals are in natural settings with some walking among guests on their own accord.

This wildlife park is very unique because they have an Airboat tour that goes through about 100 acres of swamps where people can see wildlife closely.

What are the TGR exotics wildlife park hours of operation?

The drive-through tour runs every half hour and is available at any time, while guided tours run during select times although they also offer private tours that can be scheduled outside of these times by appointment.
How much does it cost to visit the TGR exotics wildlife park?

For visiting this park, the estimated costs for the drive-through tours are around $25.95, while the guided tour is approximately $20.
In Conclusion

To sum up, TGR exotics Wildlife Park is a perfect family activity. Not only does it provide lots of fun for little ones, but also an educational experience that will last long after you’ve finished your day out there! If you are looking to spend some quality time with the kids’ then TGR exotics Wildlife Park is a place worth visiting.

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