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Whether you’re taking your RV out for a week-long trip or a summertime trip across the country, you’re going to be depending on your RV’s water heater.

Maybe your vehicle has a shower attachment, or perhaps you just need somewhere to clean your hands before you cook a meal. At MobileTech RV Repair, we know how important it is to have a working RV water heater.

If your RV water heater is making strange noises whenever you try to wash your hands, or if you’re not getting any hot water at all when you try to take a shower, then give our RV repair experts a call to schedule an appointment. We work with a variety of RV water heater makes and models, and whether your vehicle is brand new or it’s seen the majority of the country, we’ll work quickly and efficiently to find the right solution. Our RV technicians will inspect your plumbing and water heater from top to bottom, ensuring that all the relevant components are in good condition and won’t break down on you when you least expect it.


In some cases, we may recommend that you install a new water heater instead of continuing to repair an old and outdated model. You don’t want to invest in RV repairs and then have to come back to us the next month because of a new problem, or worse, have to stop for RV maintenance during your trip. At MobileTech RV Repair, we always have our clients’ best interests in mind, and we’ll always provide you with an honest, upfront recommendation for your specific circumstances.

Are you ready to get started? You can set up an RV repair appointment by giving us a call at P: (936) 328-6570 , or you can get in touch with us by filling out our short contact form. We look forward to speaking with you soon!