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When you’re buying a used RV or preparing your current vehicle for your next big trip, your primary points of concern are probably the tires, engine, electrical system, and other components that are more readily visible. Your RV’s roof is out of sight, and consequently, likely out of mind. Even a small roof leak can spell disaster for your RV, so come to MobileTech RV Repair as soon as you notice any signs of damage!


You take your RV all over the country, and you can’t always control the environment you’re driving through. Low-hanging branches, hail, and general wear and tear can all degrade your RV’s roof over time, eventually creating cracks and holes. Water damage can cause a number of problems with your electrical system, and you may even be at risk of mold growth if water is slowly dripping through a crack. We commonly perform rubber roof repairs, though we can repair fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum roofs as well. Bring your RV to MobileTech RV Repair the moment you notice any signs of roof damage and we’ll find a solution that lasts for years to come.


There are some instances in which it makes more sense to invest in an RV roof replacement instead of performing extensive repairs. Severe hailstorms and tough branches will often cause severe damage that cannot be easily repaired. In cases like these, we’ll provide you with a list of roof replacement options that fit your RV without exceeding your budget. We know that you want to get back on the road as soon as possible, and our experienced RV repair professionals will work quickly to get your new roof installed.


What is the condition of your RV roof? Have you gotten up on your RV roof lately and checked all of the sealants for voids and cracks? The manufacturers recommend that you check your sealants every 90 days!

Were you told that you have a 10, 12 or even 15 year roof when you bought your RV new? Well, the RV roof warranty may indeed be that, but it is a prorated warranty and deprecates a lot faster then you think. Don’t be fooled with getting a new RV roof put on and then having to start the whole process all over.

Do you have a 2 yr. or older roof? Then you probably have some degree of deterioration to your roof. Give it another year after that and you will most definitely need a roof treatment applied to your roof. After 4-5 years owning of doing nothing, to very little, to your roof, then you will at
least have to coat it, if not replace it.

If you are in the market and needing a roof coating or a new roof (replacement), then we have some good news for you. So, if you are looking to get your roof replaced, and the costs are outrageous (@ $10-12K just for a 34 ft. roof), then look no further.

We offer a Lifetime RV Roof that we guarantee and stand behind, for life of the RV, while you own it. So, we give you a 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our Lifetime Warranty Roof will give you the protection needed from the elements and keep it protected from extreme temperatures, as well. No more roof water leaks…

Get a Lifetime RV roof installed and not have to worry about maintaining your RV. No more sealant checks every year, or costly roof replacements. We even work with insurance and they will pay for your new Lifetime roof.

We can schedule you today, and this process usually only takes a week or two at the most. So call for more details or with questions for our team!

You ask how you can supplement paying for this. You don’t have all the funds to have this done at this time; well we have a solution to your problem. We have financing options available for you!

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