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Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

There is no shortage of options when it comes to family-friendly waterparks in Texas, but Hurricane Harbor Splashtown has something that many other parks don’t: a lazy river.

Hurricane Harbor Splashtown: A Family Friendly Waterpark

The Hurricane Harbor SplashTown waterpark is located in spring, texas. It has a unique attraction like a friendly water kingdom that provides an opportunity for families to relax and enjoy the water as they float around on tubes.
In this blog post, we’ll be exploring what else it offers and how you can make your visit more affordable with special discounts and much more info. So, keep reading to find out!
What special does Hurricane Harbor Splashtown usually offer?
Hurricane Harbor Splashtown typically offers a $20 family pass. Additionally, it has other specials such as buy one get one free and senior day.
What are some of the rides at this attraction?
There are a lot of rides at Hurricane Harbor Splashtown. Some of the most popular ones include:
1. Hurricane Mountain (a huge wave pool) – Water slides with tubes that twist and turn, some reaching speeds of 45 miles per hour!
2. Castaway Creek is an 800 foot long lazy river where you can tube all day.
3. Buccaneer Bay is an interactive water playground with a pirate theme perfect for the smaller kids in your family. You can climb nets, slide down slides and play on tons of fun things to do!
4. Pirates Plunge which is four 30 foot tall enclosed body slides that go through twists and turns before they finally come out.

How people can make their visit more affordable with special discounts?
For making visits more enjoyable, the best way to decrease the cost per visit is with a purchase of an annual membership or by purchasing discounted coupons from local grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels in your area as well as online at websites like Groupon Coupons. Of course, you can always buy special discounted tickets online at sites like Living Social, Groupon, and Gilt City.

In Conclusion
To sum up, Hurricane Harbor Splashtown is a great place to visit if you are looking for waterpark fun in the Houston area! With slides for all ages and fun pools, you can have a blast with friends or family. I had an awesome time at Hurricane Harbor Splashtown and would love to go back again!


Another great local place to visit is Meyer Park!


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