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Tips for Your Next Road Trip — Part II

There’s nothing quite like hitting the road for a vacation with your friends and family, especially if you have a luxurious RV that can accommodate everyone. We provided you with a few tips that can help you as you plan your next big road trip in a previous post, so be sure to go through that information if you haven’t yet read it. In today’s entry, we’ll continue to explore that same topic as we provide you with even more ways to improve your next road trip.

MobileTech RV Repair is here to help you with all of your RV maintenance needs. Whether you need a simple RV tune-up or a complete RV remodel before a cross-country trip, we’re ready to take on the job and get you back on the road as quickly as possible! Get in touch with us here for an appointment, and read on to learn how you can better prepare for your next trip!


Invest in Entertainment

Keeping your passengers entertained is key to staying sane during a long trip, especially if you’re bringing children with you. Your RV might have a mounted television that can play movies while you drive, and you might even be able to connect a gaming console if you have the right equipment. If you want to increase your entertainment options even further, then get in touch with MobileTech RV Repair to learn more about RV satellite installations!

Take Precautions Against Drowsiness 

As we discussed in our previous post, you should always pull over and rest if you start feeling drowsy. While we recommend pulling over or stopping at a hotel to get a good night’s sleep as you make your way to your destination, we understand that late-night driving may be unavoidable. If you have to drive through the night, drink a caffeinated beverage and find something to keep you from drifting off while you drive. Whether it’s your favorite podcast, music, or talking with someone in the passenger’s seat, find something that can keep you engaged throughout the night.

Plan Fuel Stops

This point sounds elementary, but it’s one of the easiest things to overlook when you’re excited to reach your destination. Running out of fuel on the road will considerably slow you down, and it can also damage your RV. You don’t want to spend time on the side of the road and then have to invest in RV repairs while you’re on vacation, so plan on fueling up whenever the tank is three-quarters empty.

Carry Cash

While the majority of big-city retailers accept cards, many locations on major highways will only accept cash. Moreover, you can never anticipate when you’ll run into an unexpected toll or have to pay for a parking pass, and having cash can prevent you from having to track down an overpriced ATM.


We hope that this series will help you plan a smooth, fun, and exciting getaway. Before you hit the road, get in touch with a member of MobileTech RV repair to schedule a service appointment. We’ll inspect everything from the axles to the roof, and we’ll ensure that everything is working as it should before you take off!