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4 Defensive Driving Tips You Need to Know

If you’re like most of our clients, then it’s probably been a while since you were in driver’s education. You may have heard your insurance agent talking about defensive driving, or perhaps your child mentioned it when they went through driving school, but are you familiar with the most important principles of defensive driving? In today’s entry, we’ll cover four important defensive driving tactics you should incorporate into your life as you hit the road in your RV this summer.

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This point might sound basic, but far too many drivers are distracted by smartphones and other electronic devices when they’re on the road. The primary aim of defensive driving is to keep you, your passengers, and other travelers safe, and you can’t keep anyone safe if you aren’t paying attention to the road. As you prepare for road trips or vacations this summer, designate a co-pilot who can help you with anything you need while you’re on the road. Whether they’re checking the map or turning up your favorite playlist, keeping both hands on the wheel allows you to devote your attention to the drive.

Stay Alert

No matter where you’re headed this summer, we know how tempting it can be to burn the midnight oil and drive all night. While this can get you to your destination quickly, studies show that sleep deprivation can impair your coordination and response time just as much as alcohol. Rather than driving all night and missing the sights along the road, build in time to take in the scenery and sleep on the way to your destination. You’ll feel much more rested and energized when you arrive!

Don’t Count on Other Drivers

We’re probably not the first to tell you that there are some bad drivers out there. Some people don’t look before they change lines, while others have no regard for the safety of others on the highway. You can never anticipate if another driver will have to stop suddenly or swerve to avoid an obstacle, so give yourself plenty of room between your RV and the vehicle ahead of you. Additionally, double-check your mirrors before switching lanes to ensure that nobody has made their way into your blind spot.

Slow Down

Did you know that defensive drivers save money on fuel? This is partly due to the fact that defensive drivers accelerate slowly and give themselves plenty of time to brake before coming to a complete stop. Your RV is significantly heavier than your normal vehicle, and slowing down both when you’re on the road and coming to a stop is just one more way to improve the safety of everyone with whom you’re sharing the road. You’re not going to beat anyone in a race by gunning the engine at green lights, either, so take the opportunity to slowly accelerate and enjoy the ride.

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