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 “If man made it, I can fix it!”

In 1998, after serving in the United States Air Force for eight years as an electronic warfare technician, I came back home with the desire to start my own business. After some research, I got into ultrasonic blind cleaning, an industry well-established in the northeast, but completely underserved in Texas. Fast-forward about a year, and I had built it into a fairly profitable venture, with contracts from Olive Garden, Hampton Inn, and others, as well as a growing residential customer base. Then, tragedy struck. A thirty foot fall left me with a broken back, compression fractures in my L1 and L2 vertebrae, and a long road to recovery.

While recovering from my injury, I started thinking about what my next step would be, since the constant standing in one place and bending to take dozens of blinds in and out of an ultrasonic cleaning tank was too taxing for my body at that time. Moreover, constantly sitting in a car during the drive to Houston in a Dodge Dakota pulling a sixteen-foot trailer wasn’t something I would be able to do in the near future.

My home office was situated where I could see the traffic passing in front of my house on HWY 146 in Livingston, and any Escapees RV Club member knows what I must have been seeing pass by every day – RVs, and lots of them! I noticed that many of these RVs had dirty blinds and were long past due for repairs and maintenance.

The Escapees’ national headquarters was five miles from my house, and having to keep my workload light, I started advertising to them. I taught myself how to restring blinds after telling a potential customer I could do it (I hadn’t done it before, but I knew I could!). A very good friend of mine – more like a brother – told me once when I was in high school, “If man made it, I can fix it!” That’s been my motto ever since!

So, I restrung those blinds, cleaned them and got them back to new condition, and rehung them in the customer’s RV. I found myself with almost more work than I could handle when word spread that there was a local in town that could restring day/night shades and clean them!

It wasn’t long before customers started asking me if there was anything else I could repair on their RV, and having worked on multi-million dollar electronic warfare systems in the Air Force for eight years, I looked at the systems in an RV as well within my grasp of troubleshooting and repairing. I’ve been providing North Houston and the surrounding areas with RV repairs, maintenance, and remodels ever since.

I fell in love with RVs almost twenty years ago, and they have been my life ever since. I Love RVs, and I want to help you LOVE yours, too!

David Franklin, Owner of MobileTech RV Repair